Soccer Fanatic

Football games that simulate entire careers of players by playing hours upon hours of management-style gameplay can be very fun to play; many people enjoy this sort of depth in their flash games, but what about times where you just want to pick up a football game and have some fun right away without having to worry all about wages, transfers, contracts, training, and endless match play that seems to take forever? Sports heads Football is a title that lets you do just that. 

sports heads football screenshot

This soccer title is the first of Sports Head’s ventures onto the football scene, letting you duel it out on a tiny pitch with a player that only has a huge head and a foot with which to direct the ball towards the opponent’s goal. It isn’t deep, but then again it isn’t meant to be; it’s all part of the instantaneous fun of the series, which gives football a unique angle that even haters of the game will enjoy.

The matches take place on a small pitch viewed from a side-on perspective with a goal at each end. Your player’s half is on the right and your opponent’s the left: you simply have to score as many goals as you can in the time limit, or be the first to reach the indicated number of goals to emerge as the winner. You move the players around with the left and right arrows, make them jump with the upwards arrow, and make them kick the ball with the spacebar. The ball is dropped in from above at the beginning of each round of play, and you must use your head/foot to direct it to where you want it to go.

In addition to the simple process of scoring goals, you can also collect several temporary power-ups along the way that last until the next goal is scored. The ones with the green outlines are usually beneficial to you, such as the freeze opponent power-up, which prevents your foe from moving left and right and allows you to breeze the ball past him to score a goal. Red-outlined icons usually have a less than advantageous effect, however; these include ones that make your goal larger, slow you down, or shrink your player to a miniature size. Neutral powerups such as bombs dropping from the sky or deadening the ball’s movements can also be collected.

The only downside to sports heads football is that it is relatively short, with only ten opponents to go up against before the game is complete. The opposition does get more difficult as you progress, however, so it shouldn’t be a walkover by any means. The graphics in this particular game of Mousebreaker's football collection are the best I have seen for its type, as well. The Sports Heads games are always entertaining to play, and Sports Heads Football is absolutely no exception to this trend. is a not for profit website aimed at promoting the best past and present footballers from around the world.